Friday, 1 August 2014

Packing, Packing, Packing

Wednesday 30th July
Well I finally got seriously into my packing on Tuesday - Reece was getting anxious. Ok, so was I, a bit. I don't stress too much, I'm like dad in that regard. I had gone through the bathroom some time last week and all my stuff from there is now sitting on my desk. We took my chest of drawers to Reece's yesterday, and today I've been loading up my grandmother's van with stuff to store at Reece's. Here's a picture of my room at the moment - it was worse. I have moved things out of it :P
Well I better get back into it - got more to do yet!
All packed up in the bongo van!
Wednesday 31st July
Well it was back into packing after a bit of a sleep-in (why must Embarassing Bodies be on so late?!) and a bit of shopping. I bought some new sport shoes as my other ones were hurting my feet. I have been struggling a bit with packing this time round - I swear it was much easier packing for the UK. I think I've got it in my head that due to that remoteness of TI I won't be able to get anything up there (which is nonsense of course), so I am no doubt over-packing by stocking up.
Reece came over after work to help me pack up the big stuff, like my desk, bed and book case. We then headed back to his to unpack everything and I packed some stuff into their first box. My mother would be shocked at my packing skills (and probably the fact that I've left it so late - but there is tomorrow yet!)
After a quick shower we went out for dinner with Reece's Aunty and Uncle, so I have met some more of his family. I am slowly meeting more and more, but it is hard seeing as they mostly all live in Townsville and it had been hard to get up there with work and uni/prac taking up all my time! Reece has meet all of my family, thanks to Christmas. But it is a lot easier, seeing as my family is about a third of the size of his!
All that's left!
Friday 1st August
Last day in Brisbane!!! It would have been nice to have the weekend here, with Reece helping me with my final packing, but I managed all alone. When I asked what date I would be flying up I was originally told Monday the 4th. In fact when I told the nurse educator(?) that I was flying on the Saturday she was a bit shocked and orientation doesn't start until Tuesday, so not sure why I'm flying on the Saturday. It was probably cheaper then the Monday. I'm also flying with Virgin and Qantas, so it means I have to check in twice. As I only have two hours in Cairns, lets hope the flight from Brisbane isn't delayed at all!
I got to my house from Reece's before 9am with the goal to be finished packing by about 11, as I had a doctor's appointment at 11:30. I made it to the Doctor's on time, and got my first stitch. As I obviously won't be in Brisbane next week to get it removed, I may just have to do it myself. But don't worry, I am trained in such matters :P It was then back to mine to pick up the last of my food and then cart it all back to Reece's.

Finished - it looks so bare.

Once I had unloaded the car, my little sister, Emma came over for a visit. She is down from Rockhampton and got her braces off today. It was good to get the chance to see her before I left as I missed her last week when she was down as I was on South Straddie. We went and got some lunch and then it was back to the packing (into actual boxes this time). Good news - I got it all done, and I can officially say I am finished packing!! Told you I would get it done, no panic :) But right now I need a nap. CYA xx

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