Friday, 29 August 2014

Sunsets, Schnitzels and Social Shindigs

Since I got here I have been quite sociable, making new friends and going to theme nights. So far we have had games night, pizza night and wine night. And of course I have also gone camping and to watch the sunset. Last night I went up the hill again to watch the sunset. Unfortunately no photos this time, but it was a completely different sunset, with only a very thin layer of cloud giving more of a rainbow effect. As it got darker it's really amazing to see how different the stars appear up on the hill compared to sea level. With all the light pollution blocking them out you can hardly see any :(

After if got dark we went down to meet some other peeps at the Grand Hotel for $10 Schnitzel and drinks. It was rather huge! After the Grand closed we went to the Federal, but it was also closed, and then the Torres (Australia's Top Pub) where I just had a glass of water, chatted with one of the 'older' grad nurses and an Argentinian who works at the Ibis and also listened to some rather horrible karaoke :/


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