Sunday, 10 August 2014

First day on the ward!

Well it's been a while since I last wrote. Not much else has been happening. The second day of orientation was dull. It was all video conferenced and hard to concentrate. I must admit I didn't get much out of that day. Thursday (7 Aug) we had the cultural program, which was introduced as to the Aboriginal and (particularly) Torres Strait Islander cultures. It was fantastic. The educator made us 'design' an island with meeting places, sacred spots, etc. and then name it. She then came along and built buildings, 'moved' us from our homes (putting us near the sewage and dump) and renamed our island (after NSW State of Origin players - boo!!). And then told us it was 'for our own good'. It really hit home the impact of colonisation on the indigenous people.

Friday was our first day on the ward! I had a very complex patient - had to give him a tablet and a do a very simple dressing on a wound that was pretty much healed. And then he got discharged, so had no patients for the rest of the day. Like I said, complex. Nah, it was a good way to ease into the ward environment, and it meant we had time to orientate ourselves to the ward, go through all the paperwork, and of course do the discharge, which was easier then I expected. Maybe being a smaller hospital (and only having one patient) it was easier to listen in on the Dr's ward round and to know exactly who is being discharged when. The most exciting part was signing off on the nursing notes without having to be counter-signed. I'm a big nurse now!

I've had the weekend off, which I thought I would enjoy while I could! So it's been quite a relaxing one. I started Saturday morning by cleaning - the bathroom needed a good thorough clean, but it's much better now :) And I rearranged the furniture - all three pieces :P Last night the girls 'next door' (we are all in the same building) had a sushi and board games night. So I met some new people which was good :) I slept in this morning and haven't done much since. Will go for a run later and then get ready for my next shift on the ward tomorrow morning :)

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