Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Friday Island Camping

Hello, long time no blogging! I have been busy working over 100 hours this past fortnight (unfortunately no overtime due to how my roster falls). It will all be worth it in a couple of days though, as Reece arrives and I will have four whole days off to spend time with him while he is up :D I am currently on my fourth of four night shifts (my first set), and so far surviving. Will be good to sleep at night again though!

Despite being busy working I have still managed to get out and have some fun. Went camping again, this time on Friday Island with the two girls I went with to Horn and another enrolled nurse. We left Thursday Island on Thursday September  18 and stayed the night in a beautiful little spot under some trees and away from the beach. We subsequently left Friday Island on Friday September  19 (see what I did there :P). We hired a charter boat, which was $250 for the 4 of us return, so not the cheapest holidays, especially as it took less then half an hour to get to our destination, but was great to get a way for a little while.

We didn't actually do a lot on Friday Island, but it was nice to just relax. Went swimming multiple times, collected shells, built a fire, slept a lot, was a great time. Our fire was very successful and we toasted marshmellows and I made the best damper. I reckon it would have been a great contender in the GABBF damper cook-off (If you've ever been on the GABBF, you'll know what I'm talking about!) 

Not content with just one fire, we decided to light another one. Earlier in the day we had found a drift wood tree washed up on the beach. The roots provided the perfect kindling. So we dragged a large log from the campfire and took it 200m up the beach to the tree. Then we had two fires. Our campfire died overnight, but the tree and log were still going the next morning (who knows how much of the tree is burnt now!) so we relit our campfire and had toast for breakfast :)

Upon our return to TI we learnt that a crocodile had been swimming outside the hospital - lucky we didn't come across any on Friday Island!!

Our campsite

View from the campsite

Beautiful white and beach

Sunset over the water

View towards the north-east

Sunset from the campsite

Tree fire! And the log from the campfire :p

It's hard work all this camping

Lots of cargo ships making their way through the Torres Strait