Saturday, 2 August 2014

A Plane, A Bus and A Ferry..

Well actually it was a car ride to the airport, two planes from Brisbane - Cairns - Horn Island. A bus to the ferry, ferry from Horn Island to Thursday Island, bus to the hospital and then a very short (1 minute) walk to my new home! So, after leaving Reece's just before 7am, I finally arrived 'home' some time between 4.30 and 5pm. Was a long day! The goodbye at the airport wasn't too bad, there were no tears! Although I had shed plenty during the week :(

My flights were unremarkable,  but I did have two seats to myself on both flights. That was nice as it meant I could stretch out a little :). Upon arrival at Horn Island I got very nervous, but the man at the Rebel ferry services was very nice and my name was on the manifest! (Which meant I wasn't stranded on Horn Island). I arrived at the hospital and got my key and starter food pack. The food pack consisted of a loaf of wholemeal bread, long life milk, tea and coffee, some spreads, mini cereal packets and 3 pieces of fruit. I was very lucky that one of the other nurses kindly offered to cook dinner for me. And it was delicious!

I am in the 'Groupshare' house, room number 15. It is awesome being only about a minute to the hospital!! My room is huge and has it's own ensuite. I share a fridge with one other nurse andd there is a shared kitchen between four of us, with a more communal lounge room. I also have my own little balcony, from which I can see the water (even if it is just glimpses through the trees) :)

The weather is much warmer then Brisbane - I am back in shorts and t-shirt. But it's not too bad. I have the balcony door open, but no fan or a/c as of yet. I'll wait till it gets a bit more humid before that comes on. Tomorrow the other nurses have offered to take me on a little tour of the island and to the IBIS supermarket. It is only open from 0900-1300 on the weekends, so I was obviously too late to go shopping when I arrived.

Anyway, I am exhausted. I'll leave you with some pics of this beautiful place, and then I'm going to bed!

Cloud that I thought looked like a duck

Ferry to TI

So Beautiful

So much space


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