Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Orientation - First day of 'work'

Well had my first day of 'work' today - orientation. It was as good as any orientation could be - we watched the fire safety DVD AGAIN (for about the millionth time), got set up with our passwords, and manual handling, etc. Orientation goes until the end of the week, and we have a cultural program on Thursday. There is a whole sheet of other stuff that we have to do online as well, each with its own timeframe of when it has to be completed. Thinking I might get a start on it ASAP, then it's done :)

Haven't been doing much the last couple of days. Just settling in and finding my way around, by running around the island - have been for three runs in the last three days :) At the moment I've just been doing short/slower runs to wear in my new shoes and see how my knee is. It seems to be holding up OK! I've been going between 3:30 and 4:30pm. It's been warm, but the breeze helps a bit. Except when you're running into it :@ Yesterday I went and sussed out the pool/gym complex on my run, so I'm thinking of going there tomorrow and joining up. Here is a pic from my run today :)

The sun sets later up here then in Brisbane at about 6.30pm, instead of 5.30. So it always gets to about 6pm and I'm surprised by how late it is. The sun doesn't rise much later up though, only about 20 minutes behind Brisbane. But I do have block out curtains, which is good as the light from the police station shines in all night otherwise. I think I must live in the safest part on the whole island, surrounded by the hospital and the police station :P Well that is all for now, might see if I can do some training!

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