Monday, 28 July 2014

Mini Getaway

Reece and I recently spent two nights (24 & 25 July) at Couran Cove on South Stradbroke Island to celebrate Reece's birthday. I got him a Groupon voucher for his birthday and we were finally able to take advantage of it (Reece's birthday is in May). We actually had to bring out little getaway forward as it was originally booked for the 16th of August, but of course I will be a little further north by then! It was nice to get away for a few nights thought to celebrate Reece's birthday, my graduation and new job :)
We had a very relaxing time, not doing much at all. It was too cold to swim, but we did go for a walk over to the surf beach and a kayak around the resort. The resort has only been recently been taken over by new owners and it needs a bit of doing up, but the accommodation has been done up nicely and we had a great view. Our room came with a little two burner gas stove and fridge, so had we been more organised could have saved a heap of $$ by bringing our own food. We did have an amazing meal from the restaurant on the Friday night though. My dessert included an avocado panacotta and sorrel sorbet. Was actually very tasty! Reece had a Jerusalem artichoke ice-cream with his dessert!!
The view that greeted us as we arrived at Couran Cove. Our room was even more over the water then these ones :)
Going for a boardwalk forest walk
Lookout tower
The ladder up the tower was very steep!

No words :P
Pretty flowers on the way to the beach

First glimpse!


Relaxing by the poolside cafe

The best way to end the day and watch the sunset

Wallabies grazing by the beach


Great view during sunset


  1. Geez.... Life looks tough. Some of the views from TI might be very similar. .. Rick on adventure.

    1. Not sure I'll have a view of a city in the background though :P