Thursday, 24 July 2014


Yesterday, July 23 was graduation day for about 200 nursing students. I am now officially a graduate registered nurse (and with a job to boot)!! I worked pretty hard over the last two years and managed to graduate with distinction (that's a 6 on a 7 point scale, or above 75% average grades), so I'm pretty proud of myself :D It was great catching up with a lot of friends who I have met over the past two years one more time before I leave on my next adventure. Here are some photos from my phone/facebook. I will add more when I get a cable for my camera :)

Hairdressers before the ceremony

All ready!

We did it!!


 After the ceremony we went out for drinks and food. Went to the night noodle markets as well and got some yummy gyoza.

Going to miss him!

Got my camera photos :)

My Grandparents came too :)
The all important piece of paper!